Emma Watson belts a tune in new Beauty and the Beast teaser

Yesterday the final poster for BEAUTY AND THE BEAST debuted, and with it the promise of a sneak peek during the Golden Globes ceremony. Anyone who watched the telecast knew Disney wasn’t lying, and those who didn’t because they know the internet exists will be graced this morning by the sound of Hermione Granger herself (Emma Watson as Belle) serenading you with a siren song.

Enjoy the sound of music!

Last week or so ago an Instagram post captured a bit of Watson’s voice coming out of a doll, so we already had a bit of an idea regarding her singing voice. But clearly this is a much better representation, and holds up really well. I mean, we will have to wait to see the movie to hear how her voice carries, but in this brief 30 seconds Watson shows off her clarity and range, and her voice meshes well with the music. The soundtrack will sell like hotcakes, no doubt, so it’s at least good to know there’s a worthy, lovely voice getting the praise. It's also become apparent to me my vocal samplings didn’t make it into the final cut. That’s totally fine, it’s just…whatever, you know?

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST arrives March 17.

Source: Disney



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