Hear a taste of Emma Watson's singing voice from Beauty and the Beast

Though STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII is the most anticipated movie of 2017, coming in at third place (with GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 smushed in between) is Disney’s newest live-action film, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. The animated film from 1991 is one of the most beloved in the entire Disney animated canon, and audiences are foaming at the mouth to see if the studio can keep their streak alive with their newest adaptation.

But for the fans who cannot wait another moment to get new info about of the musical starring Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as The Beast then we have good news for you. Someone visiting a Toys R’ Us got ahold of a doll from the new movie which features a piece of audio from a singing Watson, and put it on Instagram for all to see, offering a taste of the star’s vocal talents

Have a listen!

The quality of the audio isn’t great, and the last half is a bit hard to make out, but in the beginning you can definitely hear Watson singing the classic song, “Something There”.  There’s room to cry foul, but the movie’s producer Jack Morrissey confirmed the authenticity. Chances are the doll was put out early by mistake, as these toys don’t normally drop until close to the movies release. But, hey, that person’s firing is our gain. Oh, now I’m sad.

This obviously isn't a lot to go on, and we probably won’t hear a clearer version of the music until the movie’s release. However, anyone hoping for a more unique adaptation won’t find solace in this audio clip. The first trailer illustrated a lot of similarities between this new version and the animated version (costumes, production design, etc.), and this audio hints the music will also be near identical. As long as the girl can sign I don’t care. I need something new and soothing to help me fall asleep to at night. What? Did I type that out loud?

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST arrives March 17.

Source: Instagram



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