Eva Green in talks to play the female lead in 300 prequel Battle of Artemisia

While it's been said that the upcoming 300 prequel BATTLE OF ARTEMISIA would primarily star unknowns, at least one of the film's leads won't be too obscure (nor that bad on the eyes).

THR's Heat Vision has reported that Eva Green (DARK SHADOWS, PERFECT SENSE) has entered negotiations to play the title character 'Artemisia' for director Noam Murro (SMART PEOPLE). The follow-up to the popular and meme-friendly 2006 action film will see "the Persian king-turned-god Xerxes lead an army against Greek forces, who have little training but are under the guidance of a general named Themistokles." Green would play "a ruthless, gold-covered goddess" who talks Xerxes into amassing his army and helps lead them into battle (a battle that is supposed to occur at the same time as the fighting in 300).

300: BATTLE OF ARTEMISIA is expected to go into production sometime in early 2012. Green, meanwhile, just wrapped Tim Burton's remake of the gothic soap opera DARK SHADOWS and will soon be seen in the romantic/end-of-the-world drama PERFECT SENSE.



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