The end of the world takes center stage in the latest trailer for Perfect Sense

This is now the third trailer for David Mackenzie's PERFECT SENSE, and it's the first that really brings the sci-fi element of a global pandemic to the forefront of the film's narrative. In the film's first trailer, it felt like a background thing while the story primarily focused on the burgeoning love affair between stars Ewan McGregor and Eva Green. The second trailer, a little less so. But now, the enormity of the stakes are clear, yet at the heart of it all is still the love between two people and how that's ultimately all you need to overcome times of even the greatest loss and despair.

PERFECT SENSE will premiere on VOD January 6th and then open theatrically on February 3rd.

Synopsis: The story of two people who begin to fall in love as the world begins to fall apart. Susan is a scientist. Michael is a chef. He takes a break from the kitchen heat in the alleyway below her apartment; she smokes a cigarette at the window above. He calls up for a light – the first spark in their passionate affair. But the world is about to change dramatically. As love turns Susan and Michael's lives upside down, people across the globe begin to experience strange symptoms, which first affect the emotions then the senses, one by one. Everything changes. But people laugh, they cry, they eat and drink, they go about their daily business. They adapt, they change, they cope, they live and they love – because life must go on. And so it does.

Source: JoBlo.com



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