Evan Peters to return as Quicksilver for X-Men: Dark Phoenix

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As Evan Peters proved to be quite the scene-stealer in both X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST and X-MEN: APOCALYPSE, I'd actually be a little shocked if he wasn't going to reprise the role of Quicksilver for X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX. As reported by THR, Peters has signed on to appear alongside his fellow X-Men in the upcoming sequel, so you can rest assured that the mutant speedster will be back for another slow-motion action sequence which proves to be the highlight of the film.

Production on X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX will soon get underway in Montreal, Canada under the direction of Simon Kinberg, who also penned the script, and much of the cast of X-MEN: APOCALYPSE have returned, including Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoyNicholas Hoult, Alexandra Shipp, Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan, and Kodi Smit-McPhee. The same report also states that Lamar Johnson (The Next Step) has also joined the cast, but that his character is being kept under wraps.

Several weeks ago when it was announced that Kinberg would be taking on directing duties, it was also revealed that Jessica Chastain was in negotiations to take on the role of the film's lead villain, Lilandra, the empress of an alien empire called the Shi’ar who leads a quest to imprison and execute Dark Phoenix, which leads her into a conflict with the X-Men. No word yet on if the deal has been finalized, but she'd certainly made a fine addition to the X-MEN franchise. Just don't waste her.

Any thoughts on how they'll top the Quicksilver sequences from the last two films?

X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX is set for a November 2, 2018 release.

Source: THR



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