Empire unveils dark and light side covers for The Last Jedi

Empire has unveiled alternate covers, in anticipation of STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI. You can choose the "Dark Side" or the "Light Side" variant (I wonder if one contains only puff pieces, the other only depressing stories), that showcase the new avatars of each, Rey and Kylo Ren. You can see the covers below:

The magazines also come with these exclusive art cards (which do look pretty snazzy):

Now, like most nerds, I'm super excited about Rian Johnson's upcoming THE LAST JEDI. This wasn't my expected reaction, as I hate EPISODE VII and was lukewarm to ROGUE ONE. However, whatever ambivalence I had about THE FORCE AWAKENS, I did enjoy the new characters a lot (especially Rey), so am looking forward to see what Rian Johnson brings to the table. As long as its not essentially a remake of EMPIRE STRIKES BACK...

Anyway, color me more excited! And, hell, this may be the first time I've ever found Kylo Ren threatening, which is a good start.

Meanwhile, THE LAST JEDI will force its way into theaters December 15th, as if you didn't know.

Extra Tidbit: Adam Driver had a cameo in Netflix's THE MEYEROWITZ STORIES.
Source: Empire



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