Exclusive 1:1 Interview: Homefront Star James Franco!

James Franco is one of the most intriguing gentlemen working in film today. With a career that has led to hugely successful feature films like SPIDERMAN and OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL to off the beaten path projects like AS I LAY DYING, INTERIOR: LEATHER BAR or HOWL, his choices runs the gamut. The actor, artist, director and writer seems to want to do everything that somebody in his position could possibly do… and why can’t that mean playing the bad guy in a Jason Statham movie?

In HOMEFRONT, Franco takes this very thing on and during my time with him he talked about what was it about this particular project and role. Seemingly an itch he needed to scratch, he is an absolute blast in the film. After the interview he did mention to me that he would be working with Seth Rogen again in THE INTERVIEW. Regretfully we didn’t talk about it on camera, but judging from the way he mentioned the project, he is thrilled to be doing it. Of course if you want to see James Franco be a really bad dude, check out HOMEFRONT opening at a theatre near you on November 27th.

Source: JoBlo.com



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