Exclusive 1:1 Interview: Inside Out Star Kyle MacLachlan!

Since I very first became aware of the latest from Pixar, INSIDE OUT, I was thrilled to see something new and exciting from this talented team. And yes, it is every bit as great as you've heard. It also helps that the cast is superb, including one of my personal favorites, Kyle MacLachlan. Ever since his days working with David Lynch in DUNE and BLUE VELVET, and of course Twin Peaks, this talented actor has always been able to elevate the material and give it a little heart. And you know something, Kyle as Dad gave the character tons of that very thing. This is one of the coolest "Dads" I've seen in a movie for a time.

This was my first time speaking to Kyle, but he was one of the easiest interviews I've had the pleasure of doing. Aside from being terrifically talented, he is extremely kind and truly excitied to be a part of this fantastic film. We talked about playing the Dad, and about bringing his own charm to the character. And yes, the topic of Twin Peaks does briefly come up. After all, Special Agent Dale Cooper is one of the very best characters ever brought to television, and I'm extremely thrilled to see him return. And thankfully, we get to see this terrific actor in the world of Pixar this coming weekend. So as if you need me to tell you this, go see INSIDE OUT opening this Friday.


Source: JoBlo.com



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