Exclusive Facebook Live Chat w/ I Kill Giants director Anders Walter

With superheroes ruling the box office, it’s exciting to see a few unique characters and stories sharing the spotlight. However, sometimes the world of fantasy and reality merge in powerful ways. Such is the case of the coming-of-age fantasy I KILL GIANTS. This beautiful film tackles some very difficult subjects, yet it still brings a magical world roaring to life. Based on the graphic novel by the talented Joe Kelly, GIANTS is the feature film debut of director Anders Walter, and it is a stunning display. Even more than that, it expresses the pain of loss, and the fear of what we can't control, in a smart and satisfying way. Just make sure you have a few tissues, because this one will break your heart in the best of ways.

I KILL GIANTS features an impressive cast that includies Zoe Saldana, Imogen Poots, Jennifer Ehle, Noel Clarke and Madison Wolfe - who is quickly becoming one of the most exciting young talents working today. The effects are impressive, but what is even more thrilling than that is just how captivating this modern day fable is.. And this Wednesday at 12:00 pm PST, we’ll be heading over to Facebook Live to chat with the film's director himself. Like we’ve done in the past with Kellan Lutz for 7 GUARDIANS OF THE TOMB, as well as Adam Green and Kane Hodder for VICTOR CROWLEY, we’ll be chatting with Anders Walter about I KILL GIANTS, growing up, monsters and more.

SYNOPSIS: Barbara Thorson (Madison Wolfe) is a teenage girl who escapes the realities of school and a troubled family life by retreating into her magical world of fighting evil giants. With the help of her new friend Sophia (Sydney Wade) and her school counselor (Zoe Saldana), Barbara learns to face her fears and battle the giants that threaten her world.

Make sure you join us on the JoBlo Facebook Page, this Wednesday, March 21, at 12 PM PST! And bring on those I KILL GIANTS questions you'd like to ask director Anders Walter!

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