Exclusive: Lots of yelling and smashing in this clip from Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning starring Scott Adkins, Van Damme, and Lundgren

Today, we have an exclusive clip from the upcoming sequel UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: DAY OF RECKONING, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, and Scott Adkins.  I've been slowly building a strong desire to see this film after some surprisingly good reviews for it and the fact that it looks so bat shit insane.  As I've stated before, this is night and day different than the original UNIVERSAL SOLDIER, which was a pretty standard sci-fi summer popcorn flick.  This is something entirely different.

The clip features Scott Adkins defending himself against a very enraged man wielding an axe, whose only line is to yell ferociously, while chopping away and causing some substantial home repair bills.  What I love about the clip is the energy.  Say what you will about these types of action pics, but oftentimes they've got more blood pumping in them than your run-of-the-mill big-budget "action" pic.  I'm not saying this is DIE HARD, but it's got the tempo (and the blood) to be a formidable entry in the genre.

Let's go "chopping" shall we?:


Jean-Claude Van Damme, Scott Adkins, Andrei “The Pit Bull” Arlovski and Dolph Lundgren star in UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: DAY OF RECKONING, which ups the ante in the UNIVERSAL SOLDIER series, giving you more hard-hitting, bloody, no-holds-barred fighting action. John (Adkins, The Expendables 2) wakes up from a coma after his wife and daughter were slaughtered in a brutal home invasion. Haunted by images of the attack, he vows to kill the man responsible, Luc Deveraux (Van Damme). While John tries to piece his reality back together, things get more complicated when he is pursued by a relentless UniSol (Arlovski). As John gets closer to Deveraux and the rouge army of genetically enhanced warriors led by back-from-the-dead leader Andrew Scott (Lundgren), John discovers more about himself and begins to call into question everything he believed to be true.

Directed by John Hyams and starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, and Scott Adkins, UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: DAY OF RECKONING is now available to rent on iTunes and will hit theaters on November 30, 2012.

Extra Tidbit: Could Scott Adkins make the transition from B-movie to A-list action star?
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