Fast 8 to feature a female villain; Charlize Theron being eyed

After seven films worth of Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, and the rest of their merry band battling XY baddies, the FAST & FURIOUS franchise is looking to introduce a "fierce female villain" in the upcoming FAST 8. Although the script is not yet complete, Deadline reports that FAST 8 director F. Gary Gray and screenwriter Chris Morgan have begun developing the franchise's newest villain and they already have their eye on who they would like to take on the role, MAD MAX: FURY ROAD's Charlize Theron.

Charlize Theron hasn't been made an offer yet nor has she read a script, so it's obviously too soon to start jumping to conclusions, but imagining Theron taking on Vin Diesel and his crew is very exciting. Production on FAST 8 is set to get underway later this year and Deadline indicates that Theron does have an opening in her schedule which would allow her to take part in the film. Charlize Theron has worked with F. Gary Gray before in THE ITALIAN JOB, so assuming Theron likes the script and wants to be a part of the FAST & FURIOUS franchise, I have a feeling that she'd be welcomed with open arms. Vin Diesel recently confirmed the release dates for the next three entries in the FAST & FURIOUS franchise, with FAST 8 arriving on April 14, 2017, and the untitled ninth and tenth entries hitting theaters on April 19, 2019 and April 2, 2021.

If F. Gary Gray and Chris Morgan are unable to sign Theron up, which actress would you like to see take the role?

Extra Tidbit: Hopefully Vin Diesel hasn't forgotten that Helen Mirren really wants to be in a Fast & Furious film.
Source: Deadline



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