Fast & Furious 9 going to stay in the garage until 2020

I don't know why I don't connect to the FAST & FURIOUS franchise more. It seems right up my alley! I love big, dumb movies with a bunch of car chases and explosions! But I just don't think I connect with the overly-macho characters and the melodramatic posturing. However, I will say, I actually enjoyed F8 and thought it was probably the best one so far, so I may just be a late bloomer (though I'm aware that's a more divisive entry).

Anyway, F9 is being pushed back to April 10th, 2020. There is no director as of yet, but expect an announcement soon. Though I thought F. Gary Gray did a pretty good job, as I mentioned above, so I wouldn't mind having him back. If not him, who would you Schmoes like to take a crack at the franchise? Sound off below!

So how would you guys rank the F&F movies, from best to worst? 

Extra Tidbit: The FAST & FURIOUS franchise has been around so long, that in the first movie they're stealing DVD players.
Source: Deadline



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