Featurette for Netflix's Luke Cage gives out tons of new info about show

Man, LUKE CAGE just seems to be looking better and better after each clip and trailer! I love the street level feel of all of this. Of all the superhero films or shows that tried to do "what it would be like if superheroes existed",this one seems to be doing it the best. Others, like KICK-ASS, SUPER, and DEFENDOR, had heroes with no powers. while others that tried to do "superheroes, but more realistic" like HANCOCK and HEROES, faltered after promising starts (I'd say the first season of HEROES is still a great 25-hour movie, while the rest is forgettable-to-unwatchable). Let's hope that LUKE CAGE can buck that trend.

Here's a new featurette about the project:

Man, those fight scenes look badass. And the look (no costumes, just a dude with cool powers) is a nice change of pace. It's certainly not the first to do that (I mean, I just mentioned HEROES), but it's a nice counter-point to what's been going on lately, especially the DC CW stuff that is fun, but sometimes borderline campy (not always in a bad way...but sometimes in a bad way). It also feels like it'll raise the stakes by putting Harlem in danger, rather than finding some arbitrary physical weakness or some evil-version of Luke Cage to battle him (like a lot of Marvel films have done, especially in Phase One, with enemies like Iron Monger, Red Skull, Abomination, Loki, etc.). It just seems like the show will have a more interesting conflict. 

LUKE CAGE will premiere on Netflix September 30th, 2016.

You guys excited? And what enemies would you like Luke Cage to fight on this show at some point?

Extra Tidbit: The afro Luke Cage sports in the prison flashback seems to be a throwback to his original look in the comics during the '70s when he went by the name Power Man.
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