Film/pop culture artist Justin Reed is having his first solo exhibit in NY

Some of you may already be familiar with Justin Reed's very unique artwork dedicated to movies and pop culture. I was lucky enough to run across his website a few years and shared his work with our readers back then. Since then, Justin's career has taken off as celebrities such as Kevin Smith and Roger Avary have purchased his paintings while some of his work is also being re-sold as posters via sites like Allposters.com. I have 3 of his awesome paintings in my home, of which I am very proud (American Psycho, Reservoir Dogs and Edward Scissorhands).

If you follow JoBlo.com on Facebook, you'll also note that the "cover image" on our FB page changes every month, to a different Justin Reed painting. This month it's the very awesome FIGHT CLUB.

This notice is being written specifically for Justin's first public showing of his work, taking place this Friday May 11th in Rochester NY at Pandaman Toys from 7:30 - 9:30pm. Justin himself will be in attendance and so will 12 new paintings from him. If you can't make the show, you can still check out his official website at www.justinreedart.com and possibly commission him to create an original painting for you. Wishing you continued success, my man! PS: Below are 4 exclusive early looks at paintings to be showcased at his event this Friday.

Source: Justin Reed Art



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