First footage from Bumblebee movie debuts at CinemaCon

The TRANSFORMERS movies as presided over by Michael Bay have seemingly run their course, with THE LAST KNIGHT underperforming on every level. A new era for the franchise is coming and this year’s BUMBLEBEE is leading the charge. What does the movie have in store? Well, the first clip was shown at CinemaCon, and what we can expect is a sweet tale that dishes out equal parts emotion and explosions.

The footage was presented by the movie’s director, Travis Knight, and stars Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena, and showed Steinfeld first meeting the transformer Bumblebee. Our own Paul Shirey took to the JoBlo Twitter page to write a description of the footage, as well as a sizzle reel, which apparently teased a pretty awesome-looking Starscream.

The crew also spoke a little about the bond between Steinfeld’s character and Bumblebee, with the actress saying, “It really was an incredible experience. The relationship with Bee had heart." Knight went in to say that with this movie it was all about going back to the characters and making sure there was heart to match the action.

The movie theater is a sacred place ... it inspired me to dream. It's magic. When Paramount approached me about Bumblebee it was a dream come true ... I played with Transformers as a kids. At Laika we start with characters and with Bumblebee we go back to characters, emotion — and explosions, lots and lots of explosions, with an emotional core.

What I gather from this is that BUMBLEBEE will have that same element of a “teen and their car” as the first TRANSFORMERS movie, but here it’s a bit more grounded and centered. This will be a welcome approached from the completely insane, over-the-top, mind-gnarling efforts of the past. Don't take that as me saying I hate explosions. I love explosions, and this movie better give me a bunch.

BUMBLEBEE is set for December 21. 

Source: CinemaConJoBlo.com



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