First images for Wonder Woman 1984 drop as production kicks off

WONDER WOMAN told the origin story of one of comic book lore's most iconic characters, with the setting taking us all the way back to World War I. The sequel will take us all the way to the 80s in WONDER WOMAN 1984, and now production has officially begun on the superhero flick. The mark the occasion the first images have dropped, showing the return of Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince/Wonder Woman and Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor.

You can see the images below for the movie from returning director Patty Jenkins, one of which finds Prince staring at numerous television screens. Then below is an image of a very confused Trevor in what looks like a shopping mall. You would be confused too if you knew you died at the end of the first movie but were now back wearing sweatpants.

Kristen Wiig will also star in the movie as the villain Cheetah, with actor Pedro Pascal also being in the film.  

Of course, the press release from Warner Bros. doesn't get into the plot details, but there's a lot to glean from these images. The biggest discussion point comes via the Pine image, as his character died spectacularly at the end of the first movie. But now he's here, decades later, still looking all handsome. How the movie will explain this is anyone's guess. Does the movie involve time travel or other dimensions? Maybe he was just hiding out on an island somewhere with a lifetime supply of some great facial cream. 

WONDER WOMAN 1984 arrives November 1, 2019.

Source: Warner Bros.



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