UPDATE: First look at Elizabeth Banks as Effie in The Hunger Games

Update: Now with a ton more character images released to a number of sites!

THE HUNGER GAMES seems content doling out images and video as slowly as humanly possible, showing as little as they can, and the new image in that trend is this first shot of Elizabeth Banks as Effie.

It’s a profile shot, and shows some feathers and what appears to be some sort of a hat. As I haven’t read the books, I won’t pretend to know anything more about her and I’ll like EW take over:

For the uninitiated, Effie is series heroine Katniss Everdeen and her District 12 counterpart Peeta Mellark's tinny and willfully oblivious handler as they navigate the reaping and Capitol. "Happy Hunger Games!" she cries out happily to the crowd of terrified children awaiting to hear who will have to fight to their death. "And may the odds be ever in your favor!" She's a wonderful comic turn of a role, with great layers of menace and vulnerability.

Extra Tidbit: I'm actually saving reading the books in order not to spoil the movie. Yes, I know that's backwards.
Source: EW



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