First look at Karl Urban as Judge Dredd

For me, if you're trying to make a JUDGE DREDD film, you get one chance. If you f*ck up that chance, well, step aside and make room for WONDER WOMAN or THE FLASH or one of the other hundred or so comic films looking to make it to the big-screen. But someone thought rebooting JUDGE DREDD, which was just getting around to letting us forget the abysmal Sylvester Stallone film.

Peter Travis, director of the decent-enough thriller VANTAGE POINT, is directing a reboot of the character with Karl Urban starring as the lead character. Today we have our first look, and guess what:

It looks just like the original movie. I get that there's precious little you can do to adapt a character like Judge Dredd for the movies but what's the point of rebooting if you're not going to take some new chances?

In fairness, this is just a shot from a rehearsal test and there's still plenty of time to make any necessary changes. I'm guessing those probably won't be made but maybe I'm in the minority here. What do you think?

Extra Tidbit: Judge Dredd's first name is Joe.
Source: Twitter



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