First look at Park Chan-Wook's Fingersmith adaptation The Handmaid

The Handmaid Park Chan-Wook Ha Jung-woo Kim Min-hee Jo Jin-woong Banner

It's been over a year since it was first reported that OLDBOY and STOKER director Park Chan-Wook was attached to helm a Korean film adaptation of the Sarah Waters novel Fingersmith, but apparently production is underway on the project, and the first image from movie has been released featuring stars Ha Jung-woo (THE CHASER), Kim Min-hee (NO TEARS FOR THE DEAD), Jo Jin-woong (THE ADMIRAL) and Kim Tae-ri.

Take a look:

The Handmaid Ha Jung-woo Kim Min-hee Jo Jin-woong Kim Tae-ri

It seems the English title for the period drama is THE HANDMAID, and it will follow "a handmaid who employs the services of an heiress, con man and pickpocket." While Waters' book (which was previously adapted into a BBC miniseries that aired in 2005) takes place in the Victorian Era, Park Chan-Wook's version of the story is set during the Japanese rule of Korea.

No word on when THE HANDMAID will be released, but it will likely hit theaters sometime in 2016.

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