First official photo of Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney in A Good Day To Die Hard

The first official image from A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD has found its way online, featuring stars Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney as John and Jack McClane, respectively.  Armed up and ready to fight, the two stars play a father and son duo for the DIE HARD franchise's fifth installment, this time directed by John Moore (MAX PAYNE).

“That’s the thing about the DIE HARD franchise, John’s always a fish out of water.  What could be further out of water for him than Russia?” says Courtney, who also stars with Tom Cruise in JACK REACHER. Naturally, we can expect some father-son bicker and banter. “The relationship isn’t always functional. These are two guys who have been estranged for some time. John likes to wing it, see what happens. Jack’s more of a strategist,” says Courtney.

Although we know that Cole Hauser and Sebastian Koch are involved as villains (with the rumor of Patrick Stewart as a Russian General still floating around), Courtney is elusive in his response to the film's villains, saying “I can’t say much about the villains without giving it away."  That could mean any number of things, from Courtney just remaining mum for the sake of remaining mum, or the possibility of a villainous tie to the other films. 

You'll find out all your answers when A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD opens on February 14, 2013, the strangest release date ever for an action franchise.  Be prepared for a trailer to hit any day now.

Extra Tidbit: Is there a third Gruber, perhaps?



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