First teaser for Scorsese's The Irishman drops; Fall release date confirmed

If you were watching the Oscars last night, you may have noticed between moments of screaming at the screen that a very small, mysterious teaser for Martin Scorsese’s latest, most expensive movie ever – THE IRISHMAN. The teaser contained no footage but was still able to push the biggest selling point of all – the names attached to the film – including Scorsese, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci and Harvey Keitel. Really, that’s all Netflix needs to spark interest in this project, even if the reaction from the general public was probably, “What the f***k was that?”

While it would’ve been nice to see some footage from the movie, or at least to have Netflix drop an official image or something online, that really isn’t the streaming service’s style. On top of debuting the teaser, it was also confirmed the movie would arrive this fall, no doubt to slide into the Oscar race and capitalize on the established names attached. While going straight-to-streaming has been their jam for a bit, Netflix will also do for IRISHMAN what they did for the likes of ROMA last fall, which is a debut in theaters before heading for streaming.

The movie has received the most attention of possibly any Scorsese movie in recent memory, and not just because of the cast. Yes, he's assembling a dream cast of actors, but what's more is the movie will utilize state-of-the-art visual effects to de-age the actors so they can play their characters across the decades, which has made the budget balloon to a reportedly massive $100-150 million. This made the movie a tough project to get off the ground, but with Netflix backing it they got all the support they needed, and now the long-gestating project from the famed director will finally be seen this year. Hopefully, they digitally de-aged their voices too, because seeing young De Niro and Pesci with the voices of their present selves may be too hard to handle. 

THE IRISHMAN hits theaters and Netflix this fall. 

Source: Netflix



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