First trailer for In Her Skin with Guy Pearce and Sam Neill

I hadn’t heard much of anything about this movie, but once I saw Guy Pearce’s name, my ears picked up. The actor has been sticking to projects mainly out of his native Australia, and we previously saw him in the critically acclaimed ANIMAL KINGDOM last year.

Now he’s starring in IN HER SKIN, where he plays a concerned father in a reality-based film.

Based on a true story, 'In Her Skin' follows nineteen year old Caroline who, consumed with self-loathing, covets, stalks, abducts then murders fifteen-year-old Rachel Barber whom she considers "perfect"; everything she is not: beautiful, self-assured, happy. Ruth Bradley, Guy Pierce, Miranda Otto and Sam Neill star.

Guess that’s kind of a spoiler, but hey, it’s a true story, so that’s what you get in the official synopsis. Check out the trailer below:

Extra Tidbit: I was bummed when he only ended up being in THE ROAD for two seconds. Same with HURT LOCKER.
Source: JoBlo.com



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