First Yes Man pics

Being a YES MAN is what got him into the career slump he’s currently (albeit a slump for Carrey is major success by most standards). He said yes to THE NUMBER 23 and FUN WITH DICK AND JANE (which was anything but), and now in a bid to get back on track, Jimmy is returning to the kind of movies that cemented his handprints in the first place, balls-out concept comedies. YES MAN is about Carl Allen, a man who signs up to a self-help program with a simple principle: say yes to everything. It works out at first, but things start to go awry when Carl is asked to murder every single human being alive. Kidding, but that would be a true comedy. We’ve got your first look at stills from the film BELOW, which also stars the lovely Zooey Deschanel, Terrence Stamp, Bradley Cooper, and Danny Masterson. Click on Carrey’s elastic face to ENLARGE. Say YES to MAN on December 18th. Wow, that’s a year away.

Extra Tidbit: Jim Carrey is not receiving any money up front for the film but instead will be paid based on its success.
Source: /Film



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