Foster to play Nazi

I'd say if you want an Oscar then you're looking for roles where you get to play either a homosexual person, or a person who actually existed. Other than that, I'd say a Nazi. Jodie Foster is about to tick two of those boxes as it has been announced that she's to play Leni Riefenstahl in an upcoming biopic. The movie will look at the life of Riefenstahl, who was the woman that became Adolf Hitler's favourite film director and was chosen by him to film a series of films which would be used for the Nazi propaganda machine. Even though that in itself would easily be enough for a film, Riefenstahl actually had a pretty incredible life, sandwiching her period as one of the most innovative film directors of her time, Riefenstahl was also a dancer and an actress, and then later, qualified as a German Olympic skier!

Interestingly, Riefenstahl reportedly didn't want Foster to play her as she didn't believe Foster would allow her to refuse any of the film, instead preferring Sharon Stone to be cast.
Extra Tidbit: Riefenstahl's film TRIUMPH OF THE WILL is seen as one of the most brilliant pieces of propaganda ever made.
Source: Film Stalker



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