Fox is in negotiations to take on Mark Millar's Starlight

Another one of Mark Millar's creations is headed to the big screen.

Fox is in negotiations to pick up STARLIGHT a series that Millar once said was likened to "Flash Gordon meets The Dark Knight Returns". Millar's other works WANTED, KICK-ASS, and KICK-ASS 2 have all made it to theaters. THE SECRET SERVICE adaptation with Colin Firth will release on November 14, 2014. I'd like to think that NEMESIS will make it there perhaps in this lifetime. That's a damn good comic. Matthew Vaughn has the rights to Millar's SUPERIOR so that will eventually come to fruition.

Must be nice working as a creative consultant at Fox. Eh, he doesn't necessarily need that. Millar is a good writer in my humble opinion, but he does kind of have an in.

Simon Kinberg (X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST) will script and produce the adaptation. Get the synopsis for STARLIGHT below:

So much for retirement! This March, meet Duke McQueen, a man who has long since settled down and left his days of saving the Universe and operating as the space hero everyone depended on—at least that’s what he thought. His wife long passed and his kids off embarking on their own adventures, Duke lives a quiet, solitary life until he receives an unexpected call from a distant world, calling him to action one last time. This March begins an all new ongoing series with STARLIGHT #1, Mark Millar (JUPITER’S LEGACY, KICK-ASS, WANTED) and Goran Parlov's (Fury MAX: My War Gone By, Punisher MAX) much-anticipated first salvo in an intergalactic adventure that will have fans leaning in as they read.

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