Fred Armisen to team up with Bad Santa director Terry Zwigoff for Untitled Comedy

Fans of both Fred Armisen and Terry Zwigoff, get ready to be happy. The BAD SANTA director is set to team up with the SNL and Portlandia comedian for an Untitled comedy, gearing up to start shooting in the fall. The film (formerly called AND JUSTICE FOR AL) stars Armisen as "Al Fishkin, an innocent man who is set up for a minor crime and placed under house arrest in his childhood home with his parents. With the help of his friends, Al plots to clear his name and get revenge on the man who framed him."

The film is said to have some romantic elements, but is mostly focused on "how growing up is harder the second time around." The script was written by Zwigoff and his BAD SANTA assistant Melissa Axelrod. Zwigoff's last film was the 2006 underrated and rarely seen ART SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL, with his other credits being BAD SANTA, GHOST WORLD, and the documentary CRUMB. As a fan of all of those films and a huge fan of Armisen's, especially his work on IFC's Portlandia (which was just renewed for two more seasons), I'm looking forward to seeing this one come to fruition.

Armisen is one of the key players on SNL and has shown up in small parts throughout the comedy genre, including ANCHORMAN, THE DICTATOR, and EASY A, doing voice work for THE SMURFS, as well as shows like Out There and The Looney Tunes. This will be his first venture as the comedy lead.

What do you think? Can Armisen hold his own in a feature?

Extra Tidbit: Portlandia is my favorite comedy show on TV right now. Give it a shot and see if it's for you (currently streaming on Netflix).
Source: The Wrap



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