Friday Night Lights may return with another film, one based on the show

A TV show getting its own movie can serve as a nice relief for something that was cut down in its prime and never got to finish telling its story. I think the best example of this would be Firefly's SERENITY, and possibly the upcoming Arrested Development movie, if it ever gets made.

It seems a bit strange that a show like Friday Night Lights, which had five whole seasons to tell its tale, would be getting its own feature. And it's even stranger when you remember that the original show came after a theatrical movie in the first place.

But Peter Berg is seriously considering the project which would feature all the main cast members and pick off where the final season left off. It wasn't exactly a cliffhanger, but there is always another football season to be played after all.

FNL's strength was in its character development, built up over a season, which made it in my mind one of the best dramas on TV, if not THE best. Granted we all know and love the characters at this point, but are they going to cram an entire season of football into a movie like all other films in that genre do? That would be quite a departure for the show.

Extra Tidbit: So, when's that 24 movie coming, huh?
Source: Deadline



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