Gaiman off Black Hole

Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary (BEOWULF), who were originally signed to write the adaptation of acclaimed comic book BLACK HOLE, have evidently left the project. The story follows a sexually transmitted 'teen plague' with real extreme side-effects like tails and webbing and whatnot. Alexandre Aja was originally onboard to direct, but David Fincher came onboard recently, and asked for several re-writes:

"David explained his process consisted of having over ten drafts, done over and over, and Roger and I were sort of asked if we wanted to, if we were interested in doing that. And we definitely weren’t.”

Is it a big deal that these guys are out? It's a shame, sure, but if it's them or the Finch I've gotta go with the Finch every time. If David Fincher walked into a room with my girlfriend and my mom, like Tom Cruise and Tim Robbins in WAR OF THE WORLDS, and then five minutes later only Fincher walked out, I'd assume it was probably for the best.
Extra Tidbit: Fincher's daughter's name is Phelix.
Source: MTV



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