Get to the chopper this holiday with Dutch Predator-themed whiskey

Turn any Ugly Motherfucker into a Son of a Bitch with Dutch Bourban Whiskey

I know that when I'm trudging through the the jungles of Palenque, Mexico, and my throat gets parched, only a PREDATOR-themed bourbon can quench my thirst. Now, thanks to Silver Screen Bottling Company and Fox Studios, Dutch Bourbon Whiskey is here to help you relax better than one of Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer's patented mud baths.

According to the beverage's official press release:

There are days when you are pushing too many pencils, feeling slack-jawed, and there’s nothing you can do to get your mind to stick around. Days when you’re dropped in the meat-grinder, and life looks at you as if you ain’t no man. You’re just a bleeding thing, alien to everyone around you, and it’s as if the whole world is saying- if it bleeds, we can kill it.

But you ain’t got time to bleed.

It’s payback time. You remember a little taste of home: Dutch Bourbon Whiskey. Filling a glass, the aroma digs in like an Alabama tick. Knock, knock…this is quality. You take a sip, and the smooth taste takes you away on a chopper of blended flavors. Like a rescue team, not assassins.

Another sip, and your mind wanders to exotic Val Verde, where the jungle comes alive and takes you on a journey filled with cold mud baths, waterfall diving, and trophy hunting. It makes Cambodia look like Kansas, but you want more, because your appetite for adventure is as big as a house.

This is Dutch Bourbon Whiskey. When you’re in a world of hurt, a sip of Ol’ Painless will have you saying “I’m gonna have me some fun.”


In addition to the drink's title and branding being a direct reference to the hard-boiled character made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1987 film, Dutch Bourbon Whiskey sports a stylish label that instructs whiskey drinkers to "Get to the chopper," assuming you're not the pilot, of course. The bottle retails for $34.99, and is currently available for pre-order via DutchWhiskey.com. Why not order one for that special PREDATOR fan in your life? You can print out the receipt, attach it to a newly-released copy of Shane Black's THE PREDATOR on Blu-ray, and stuff it in their stocking.



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