Raise your glasses to the new Kingsman TV spot

If the horse-racing excitement of the Kentucky Derby makes you think of anything it’s charming English spies and their smooth-talking, whisky-drinking, truck-driving counterparts. Seeing as how true this is, it’s time we helped you satiate that craving by giving you a new TV spot for KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE, featuring some new footage and rope action. Yee-haw! Nope, that sounded bad.

Every piece of footage is another layer of the movie’s deliriously fun potential unraveled, and this one is no different showing off more of Pedro Pascal’s lasso ass-whoopins’. We also get a better sense of what drives the Kingsman to seek out the Statesman, as the bottle of whisky was left as a sign for them, possibly by Harry (Colin Firth) should anything ever go tits-ups, as it did in SECRET SERVICE. We will know more in September, but for now just sit back, watch some horses, and get drunk on some brown fluid.

KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE arrives September 22.



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