Go Team Venture! Season 7 of Venture Brothers series now in production!

No joke, VENTURE BROTHERS might be my favorite show airing today. Period. I love both its reverence and irreverence to superhero and adventure stories, with it skewing the tropes and cliches of the genre, while also upholding them with its own internal mythology and cast of inter-connected characters. In fact, I think its willingness to change and grow, as well as giving the characters deeper human emotions and motivations is what puts it head-and-shoulders above everything that tries to do the same thing.

Anyway, speaking of changing, with Rusty Venture and his gang now in New York, and a new connection between the Monarch and Venture discovered, I've been itching to discover more and see where the show goes from there. Well, looks like I won't have to wait much longer! The voice of Thaddeus Venture himself, James Urbaniak has just released this on Instagram:


My first day on Season 7 of you know what.

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No firm release date has been set (knowing the creators, it could still be two years out), but at least we know it will come out at some point, which is better than nothing. Obviously I can't wait!

But are there any other VENTURE BROTHERS fans out there? If so, what're your favorite episodes?

Extra Tidbit: VENTURE BROTHERS began as a spoof of JOHNNY QUEST, but turned out to actually be set in the same universe. Brock witnessed Ray Bannon's death, they've met up with Dr. Zin, and Johnny Quest has showed up as a drug-addled version of his old self.
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