Godzilla script being revised by Iron Man 3 writer Drew Pearce

Usually when you hear that a movie is being rewritten it is generally a sign of bad things to come. In the case of GODZILLA, we have been waiting way too long for the Thunder Lizard to get the proper big screen treatment for their to be script issues.

Well, the good news is the rewrite is being done for one purpose: to up the age of the main characters. Usually you don't see a Hollywood studio aiming for older actors, which makes me wonder just how young the screenplay from David Callahan, David Goyer and Max Borenstein. Either way, bringing in IRON MAN 3 writer Drew Pearce bodes well for what we can expect from IRON MAN 3 when we see the teaser in a few weeks. Pearce is also working on the screenplay for the third SHERLOCK HOLMES film for Guy Ritchie. Well, at least we know he has Robert Downey, Jr. down pat.

There still has been no footage leaked from the Comic Con test reel that excited those in attendance. I wonder how soon we will get a better look at what this iteration of GODZILLA will look like. If anything, it has got to be better than the 1998 version.

Gareth Edwards' GODZILLA is slated to open on May 16, 2014.

Extra Tidbit: Robert Downey Jr in GODZILLA? Hmmm.....
Source: Variety



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