Goldar confirmed for new Power Rangers reboot

Man, I know people were shitting on it, but I f*cking loved the new POWER RANGERS trailer. Well, love is a strong word. Excited, for sure. Thing is, I never liked POWER RANGERS growing up, because even as a five-year-old I thought it was too childish and goofy (which it was, but also five-year-old Damion was kind of a dick). However, I always loved the idea behind POWER RANGERS. Who wouldn't? It's got kung-fu, monsters, and giant robots! It's more the execution that brought the show down, and even then it had its goofy charms.

Which is why I like the direction they're taking the film. They're amping up the teen melodrama - which I actually like, because I love teen movies - and giving it a more realistic tone. This means the giant monster/robot brawls should be epic as f*ck, instead of clumsy rubber suits stumbling over cardboard buildings. However, if the character posters are anything to go by, there will still be a lot of pose-fighting in the fillm. 

Speaking of monsters, it seems fan-favorite Goldar from the TV series is going to be making an appearance in the new film. Hell, even as the only asshole kid not doing kung-fu moves on the playground (because friends are overrated), I still thought Goldar looked boss-as-shit. So I'm excited to see how the film redesigns him to fit in this more gritty, grounded world. I actually like the redesigned costumes (not love necessarily, but I understand the need to modernize), and while I was iffy on the production stills for Elizabeth Banks's Rita Repulsa get-up, I actually thought it looked pretty cool in the trailer itself. So we'll see. Either way, I'm keeping an open-mind.

POWER RANGERS will morph into theaters March 24th, 2017.

So what do you guys think? Were you fans as kids? And if so, which Ranger did you choose (or were forced to) play as?

Extra Tidbit: In the first ever episode of the POWER RANGERS TV show, Goldar was the villain that fights the Rangers (or, in the first episode, just Jason) in their Zords. And he's also one of the few villains on the show who survived that kind of encounter.



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