The gang is all here in new Power Rangers posters

There’s only one thing a person can do when the world is threatened, and all hope seems lost: strike a pose! Whether it’s in a cool kung-fu position, a frozen-in-place dance move, or staring ominously into nothing, there is little that can trump the power of badass pose. That seems to be the strategy of the new Power Rangers, as that’s exactly what they’re doing in these new character posters.

The gang is waiting for you below!

Aside from the creepy gray-scaled faces of the group, we have here the most detailed, colorful look at the bunch yet. We can see the intricacies of the design and the uniqueness of individual helmets. I would've liked to have seen them holding their weapons, but you can't have everything. I mean, I'm still not that excited to see the movie, unless a trailer (which may be coming soon) comes around and shows the gang in action and blows my socks off. Until then at least I know that if I have to put my faith into a bunch of young heroes that they can at least fight the bad guys with epic stances.

POWER RANGERS is set for March 24, 2017.

Source: Coming SoonNYCC



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