Gone Girl writer Gillian Flynn to pen heist flick for Steve McQueen


Author Gillian Flynn has been a hot commodity this past year, with her novel turned screenplay for GONE GIRL proving to be a massive success. Her other two books, "Sharp Objects" and "Dark Places" are also getting the movie treatment (one for TV), and she's also scripting the Utopia mini-series for David Fincher to direct for HBO. Evidently busy is not busy enough for Ms. Flynn, as she's just been tapped the write a heist flick for director Steve McQueen (12 YEARS A SLAVE, SHAME). The story will follow that of a group of men involved in a robbery gone fatal, leaving their widows to follow through with the heist.

I can't claim to have read any of Flynn's work, but GONE GIRL was some of the most demented fun I had in the theater last year. If that story is indicative of the type of dark and twisted characters she generally creates, then I'm all in on her future endeavors. Given Steven McQueen's focus on character development, the two of them working together sounds like a fantastic collaboration.

We can probably expect to this flick sometime in 2016.

It certainly helps to have an actress as great as Rosamund Pike to bring your character to life.

Source: Deadline



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