Great Buck poster

Today we have a poster for the upcoming movie THE GREAT BUCK HOWARD, starring John Malkovich and Colin Hanks. In the film a young man becomes the assistant to an over-the-hill illusionist trying to resurrect his career. Click BELOW to check the poster out.

That's how that movie would have been pushed had I not done some research. Seriously. That's how these guys would have tried to market this thing. Blah blah blah and a blue poster with two dudes on it. Let's try an experiment here for a second. Would you rather see this movie instead:

Emily Blunt plays the super sexy publicist of an over-the-hill magician. She's super sexy, and since she's a publicist and she is super sexy, she spends most of the time in one of those open-buttoned white blouses, looking up at you from behind a desk, probably with a biro idly between her lips. Also, don't believe the previews; Colin Hanks has nothing to do with this movie. We hate that guy.

That's what thought.
Extra Tidbit: Tom Hanks plays Colin Hanks' father in the movie.
Source: Cinematical



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