Guillermo del Toro regrets not taking over Universal's Dark Universe

Guillermo del Toro is almost as famous for the films he didn't make, as the ones he did make. For every PAN'S LABYRINTH, HELLBOY, and THE SHAPE OF WATER that get made, there's everything from THE HOBBIT, to HELLBOY III, to FRANKENSTEIN, to PINOCCHIO, to countless more that fall to the wayside. And while he always seems amiable and upbeat in interviews and such (which is part of his charm), there is one project he regrets. Here's what he had to say at a talk with the New York Times:

The only time I repent I didn’t do something was in 2007, when Universal in an incredibly gentle and beautiful manner said do you want to take over the Monster Universe? And they gave me the reins of several properties, and I didn’t do it. That I repent. So this is a confessional moment, I repent. That’s the only thing.

No regrets for THE HOBBIT or HELLBOY III? Well, I suppose it's better to not dwell on the past too much, and those might be things that I wish he'd repent for. Still, there's no guarantee his Dark Universe would be all good (especially if Universal forced too much MCU-style world-building bullshit on him that helped sink THE MUMMY), but sure as shit would have more personality. And, hey, at least he got to make his own stealth CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON remake!

Meanwhile, you can see del Toro's said stealth LAGOON remake - THE SHAPE OF WATER - in theaters December 1st.

Extra Tidbit: So, how excited are you for SHAPE OF WATER?
Source: New York Times



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