Harrison Ford to manage the Dodgers in Jackie Robinson pic

Even though in every interview I see with him, I get the vague impression that he sort of hates acting, Harrison Ford is still taking roles in new films, and his latest is in an upcoming biopic.

He's in talks to play Branch Rickey, which may sound like the name of one of Sarah Palin's kids, but was actually the general manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers when Jackie Robison played. The film is called 42, and though no Robinson has been cast yet, the role of Rickey is hugely important, as he's the one who made the decision to hire a "colored" player during a time when that was unheard of. Here's his contribution according to Deadline:

It wasn’t enough to decide to break baseball’s color line; Rickey had to search for the right player and qualities that went beyond hitting, fielding, speed and a throwing arm. The first player had to be able to withstand the hostilities from bigots and segregationists not only in the stands, but in the dugouts as well. He found that player in Robinson, a star for the Kansas City Monarchs in the Negro Leagues who had the iron will to take the abuse without losing his composure.

After MONEYBALL, baseball GM's are so hot right now in film, and this could be a pretty big role for Ford if everything else goes right with the film. Now, who will be his Jackie? Will Will Smith try to shoot for an Oscar one more time?

Extra Tidbit: Robert Redford was being seriously considered for this part for a while.
Source: Deadline



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