Harry Potter team set to adapt Stephen King's The Stand

As one epic Stephen King adaptation dies, another one is reborn. Just a few weeks after Universal officially announced they were dropping Ron Howard's ambitious DARK TOWER project, HitFix is reporting that Steve Kloves and David Yates, the writer and director of the last four HARRY POTTER movies, are in talks to re-team for an adaptation of THE STAND.

Back in January, Warner Bros. won a tight bidding war to partner with CBS Films on an adaptation. CBS has owned the rights to the property but realized it wasn't going to get a project off the ground without any help. As the POTTER franchise was winding down, it became clear that Yates and Kloves had their eye on something equally as ambitious and began working on a deal to write and direct the film at WB (where they made a healthy chunk of change with the POTTER franchise).

What's perhaps most interesting is that the deal is for Yates and Kloves to team on multiple films. This seems like the best way to film a project like THE STAND yet pre-planned trilogies lately have had some difficulty getting off the ground.

"The Stand" was last adapted back in 1994 for an ABC miniseries directed by Mick Garris. While faithful (and costing an impressive $28 million) the miniseries wasn't much good and could definitely use a reboot.

Source: HitFix



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