Hayden Christensen to star in Rob Cohen's fantasy action movie Marco Polo

Hayden Christensen has not headlined a major studio film since, well, the STAR WARS prequels. Sure, he has appeared steadily in films but most have been supporting roles or VOD fare. But, apparently his international fan-base is large enough that Paramount will have him play the title role in MARCO POLO, based on the famed explorer.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, MARCO POLO will be directed by XXX filmmaker Rob Cohen in what is being described as a fantasy action movie. What that means is very ambiguous as it could be a fictionalized take on the historical figure or it could just be a reference to the tone and style of the movie. In either case, MARCO POLO is set to be co-financed with The China Film Group.

Marco Polo is significant historically for embarking on a 24 year journey to China in the 13th century. There are historical records of this trip but the tale could easily be changed or added to for cinematic purposes. Knowing Rob Cohen's penchant for over the top filmmaking, MARCO POLO will likely not reside in the realm of realistic movies.

There is no release date for MARCO POLO.

Extra Tidbit: Hayden Christensen was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2001. I shit you not.



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