Heads are gonna roll: 1st 4 Game of Thrones season 5 episodes leaked online

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While last night saw the return of Game of Thrones on HBO (you can check out our review here), on Saturday, the first four episodes of the fifth season appeared on various torrent sites. Great, so now I have to deal with episode one spoilers on Facebook, plus episodes two through four? It's been rumored there will be more episodes leaked, however they haven't landed online yet.

The leaked episodes are reportedly from review copies, and they were downloaded more than 100,000 times within the first three hours after they surfaced online. HBO confirmed the leaks to Mashable, and the network has released a statement about the matter.

Sadly, it seems the leaked four episodes of the upcoming season of Game of Thrones originated from within a group approved by HBO to receive them. We're actively assessing how this breach occurred.

I've always been against downloading leaked stuff or shaky cam torrents, not only because it's illegal, but because I would rather just wait for something than watch a lesser video quality version. Game of Thrones was 2014's most pirated TV show, and the series will likely also take that crown this year as well.

The next episode of Game of Thrones ("The House of Black and White") will air on HBO on April 19.

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Source: Mashable



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