Helen Bonham Carter and Michelle Pfeiffer heading to Burton's Dark Shadows

Remember when Dreamworks figured out that they have their characters making that same eye-brow raised face all the time, and decided to make it their entire marketing campaign for MEGAMIND anyway?

The same could be said with the fact that Tim Burton is making yet another movie with Johnny Depp. This time it's not just full of gothic undertones, it's just straight up gothic and is actually called DARK SHADOWS. Yeah, I know it's based on the whatever whatever classic whatever with a big fanbase that's going to yell at me, but COME ON! I understand sticking with what you know, but this is getting ridiculous.

Annnnd it should come as no surprised that now Burton significant other Helena Bonham Carter is now joining the project as a doctor trying to cure Depp's vampirism. Also now on board is Michelle Pfieffer as a reclusive vampire matriarch. This may seem a bit odd until you remember she was Catwoman in Burton's BATMAN RETURNS. I guess the director has had a fear working with new actors ever since the Mark Wahlberg PLANET OF THE APES fiasco. (Yes, yes, jokes, jokes as I know Eva Green and Jackie Earl Haley are in this too).

I'm not saying that Burton and Depp don't make great gothic movies sometimes or that DARK SHADOWS doesn't deserve a big screen treatment, they can and it does, but this almost seems like a joke with how well it fits the stereotype between the subject matter and casting.

Extra Tidbit: Tell me that Depp, Burton and Helena Bonham Carter have never had a threesome.
Source: Deadline



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