Henry Cavill to build Great Wall and continue Ed Zwick's "White man helping minorities" fetish

After playing Superman in MAN OF STEEL, Henry Cavill is set to help make the one structure on Earth that can be seen from space (that's a myth, by the way). Variety reports that the actor is in final talks for Edward Zwick's THE GREAT WALL, a film written by Thomas Tull and Max Brooks.

The story is to look at the construction of China's Great Wall and continue Zwick's bizarre fascination with making white men heroes in historical settings. It all started with Matthew Broderick freeing the slaves in GLORY and continued with Tom Cruise helping save the Japanese in THE LAST SAMURAI and Leonardo DiCaprio save the Africans from the diamond trade in BLOOD DIAMOND. If it weren't for all these white saviors, who knows what these cultures would have done!

THE GREAT WALL is the first project at Legendary East, a studio launched last year between Legendary Pictures chairman Tull and some Asian investors. It's already set for distribution in China, who has a massive hard-on for historic epics these days, but hasn't been picked up for the U.S. yet.

Look, GLORY's a decent film and Zwick's other ones aren't half-bad either, I'm just tired of him telling the same story over and over again with a useless lead character. Hollywood is infamous for their fear of casting non-white actors in lead roles but would it be so hard to find a Chinese actor for this one?

Source: Variety



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