Meet the man responsible for killing Osama bin Laden (in a movie)

Earlier this week we posed the question of how Osama bin Laden's death would affect Kathryn Bigelow's planning KILL BIN LADEN film. As it turns out it didn't kill the project at all but instead has given it new life.

The LA Times is reporting that Joel Edgerton (ANIMAL KINGDOM THE THING remake) has signed on to star in Bigelow's now-untitled action-thriller about the plot to kill Bin Laden. Edgerton had been approached about the film prior to Bin Laden's actual death but last Sunday's takedown in Pakistan put his deal on the fasttrack. Edgerton reportedly passed on the lead role in Universal's SNOW WHITE to take this part in Bigelow's film.

Edgerton would play one member of the elite military force assigned with finding and killing Osama bin Laden. Writer Mark Boal is already researching the actual operation and will incorporate the actual event into the last act of the film.

With TRIPLE FRONTIER, Bigelow and Boal's planned film with Tom Hanks, on the backburner, the Untitled Osama bin Laden Film is heating up and could film as soon as this summer. Michael Fassbender had once been approached for a role in the film as well and it's unclear whether they'll rekindle talks with him for the project.

Source: LA Times



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