"Hope Never Dies" as Justice League releases Superman motion poster

JUSTICE LEAGUE is a big question mark at the moment. While many of the individual pieces seem to be fine (the casting, the action, some of the funny bits in the trailers), there are still a lot of lingering questions, such as if the two directors' - Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon's - tones can successfully match, and the DCEU's (barring WONDER WOMAN) negative critical response thus far.

Well, now the film's marketing is finally just admitting that Superman will be in this film, which I think is only a good thing. I mean, they've already spoiled it many times over (the use of his emblem in the posters, promotional pictures with him in it, the whole "pornstache" fiasco), but it's nice to have it be unequivocally be so. Also in a nice, stylish way. Take a look below:

Yay! Colors! Hope! Light! I have been on record as saying I'm rooting for this film, and while this doesn't alleviate my fears of disaster, it at least assuages them (it doesn't hurt that I'm one of those people who like MAN OF STEEL as well). My hope certainly hasn't died yet!

Meanwhile, JUSTICE LEAGUE will fly into theaters November 17th.

Extra Tidbit: You know what would be cool? If they didn't kill Superman in his second movie.
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