How excited are you to know that Joe Carnahan is finishing his Death Wish screenplay today?

Death Wish retro title 656

You know what? I'm extremely excited about the fact that Joe Carnahan tweeted yesterday that he was "less than a day from completion" on his DEATH WISH script.  The sizzle reels he put together for his DAREDEVIL pitch combined with THE GREY have just about irrevocably cemented Carnahan in my high estimation, and the pronounced passion he has for his DEATH WISH plans only makes me trust him all the more.

Of all the remakes/reinterpretations/rewhathaveyous running around Hollywood, I think it's fair to say that I'm looking forward to DEATH WISH most of all.  And that sentiment is mainly due to one element which will infect and inform all of the other production elements in the most gripping of ways: Joe Carnahan.  I know he'll give us something brutal, grimy, unforgiving, and refreshingly stripped down, and that's just about all I think anyone could hope for in a new DEATH WISH.

Here's what he had to say, in full, circa 5:23 yesterday afternoon:

Joe Carnahan DW script tweet

So there it is.  Hopefully this bodes well for more developments in the coming weeks.  Which of course leads to the question of who we're going to see take on the role of Paul Kersey.  Who do you hope Carnahan might cast? How outside the box could this go?

Extra Tidbit: Here's something from Carnahan on his script and Kersey's journey within it: "It’s short and ugly and violent, but it’s characters I’m interested in. The simplicity of violence versus the complexity of vengeance is what that movie’s about."



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