MOVIE POLL: How's the latest Sandler flick looking to you?

How's the latest Sandler flick looking to you?

Very funny! Love the trailers, dig on Sandler, Biel and James...can't wait to see this!!
So-so. The trailer didn't blow me away, but I'm generally entertained by most Sandler films, so I'm still curious to see this one.
This doesn't look too good. The "We're just acting gay" joke seems about 5 years too late and the trailers have done nothing to change my mind on that
This looks terrible. I didn't crack one smile during any of this film's promotions, although I did jerk off a few times to the many, many Biel "hot shots" (maybe the filmmakers realize their film blows, so they're focusing on Biel)
It looks awful, but I might STILL go to see it to appease my better half, but more importantly, to see Biel's hoho's on the big screen

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