Updated with trailer info! Hugh Jackman has some bloody claws in this new picture from The Wolverine

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UPDATE: James Mangold loves his Twitter. The director tweeted this from his Twitter account about when to expect the highly anticipated trailer for THE WOLVERINE:

So there you go. There will be a trailer for the trailer on March 26th. The full teaser goes online on March 27th before finally hitting theater screens on March 29th. Huzzah!

ORIGINAL: Does anyone else think it's a little odd we are just about four months away from the release of THE WOLVERINE and we haven't seen a trailer? I know director James Mangold has said from the end of March on we'll be "saturated" with Wolverine but in this day in age where a teaser for a film is sometimes released over a year before the film hits theaters I find it a bit strange that they are waiting this long to release one. It makes me slightly worried but I hope the reason is because James Mangold and company have created something truly epic and don't want to spoil things for us too much before THE WOLVERINE is released.

While we don't have a trailer yet there has been plenty of pictures from THE WOLVERINE. This new image that was sent to Latino-Review has Logan looking pretty annoyed and I don't blame him. Wouldn't you be pissed if you just cleaned your claws and got blood all over them? I've heard adamantium is a bitch to clean.

"OxiClean better get these stains out!"

Wolverine bloody claws

The picture was taken at the Zojoji Temple in Japan and the scene is allegedly part of a "grand funeral" that takes place in the film. I think THE WOLVERINE is being a bit overshadowed right now by some of the other big summer movies but once a trailer is released I believe interest in the film is going to skyrocket.

THE WOLVERINE hits theaters July 26th, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: If THE WOLVERINE isn't well received, how much (if any) do you think it will impact X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST?



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