When should we expect a trailer for The Wolverine?

Have you been hearing the rumor that a trailer for THE WOLVERINE is supposed to hit tomorrow? Well, it's not.

Not to throw another rumor on the pile, but Coming Soon and Super Hero Hype are reporting that the first trailer for James Mangold's tale of Logan in Japan is slated to take it's place in front of G.I. JOE RETALIATION on March 29th. The director confirmed the late March trailer release on his Twitter account, but not before addressing some concerns from fans:

THE WOLVERINE is coming out on July 26th, so one would think that you would want to get a fairly good jump start on promoting it. March isn't too far away, so I guess they left themselves a decent window to shove as many TV spots, clips, and trailers down our throats as they so desire. I'm excited to see the take that Mangold has for X-Men and Wolvie fans a like.

Source: TwitterComing Soon



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