I Want That: NECA toys spring/summer toy round-up, featuring Predators, Aliens, Terminators, The Lone Ranger, and more!

Neca toys has created some really cool action figures, tackling video games like Gears of War and Assassins Creed to film properties like THE EVIL DEAD, PROMETHEUS, PREDATORS, ROBOCOP, THE HUNGER GAMES, and many more.  Now, the company is prepping to roll out their Spring/Summer line-up, which consists of a number of really kick ass figures, including a 25th Anniversary collection of PREDATOR figures, featuring none other than Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) in combat gear and mud-packed warcry gear. 

Additionally, Neca has a cool line-up of ALIENS figures, featuring fan-favorites Hicks (played by Michael Biehn) and Hudson (played by Bill Paxton) and a new Alien to scrap with.  The look on Hudson's face is priceless and worth the purchase alone.  Perfectly captures the essence of that character.  Other cool figures include TERMINATOR/TERMINATOR 2 characters (more Michael Biehn!), THE LONE RANGER and Tonto from the upcoming Gore Verbinski film, the first wave of KICK ASS 2 figures, featuring Kick Ass, Hit-Girl, and Red Mist. Lastly, we have a before/after set of CARRIE figures (more Chloe Moretz!) from the upcoming remake. 

Check 'em out!:

All in all, a great selection of figures, some of which are starting to hit shelves now and will continue to roll out throughout the Spring/Summer.  You can pick them up online via toysellers like Entertainment Earth and Big Bad Toy Store (or Ebay/Amazon for that matter) or head to Toys R Us or your local comic shop to purchase.

So, what are your favorites?  Which ones are you buying?

Extra Tidbit: What property would you like to see Neca tackle? I want some Roadhouse figures!
Source: Neca



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